Life can be hectic, but meals don’t need to be. My experience working with families from all backgrounds has shown me that taking an individualized approach to nutrition is the key to success.

With a focus on child and family nutrition and wellness, I’m committed to help bring balance to your home through simple techniques that increase meal time success. Together, we’ll find what works to help you and your family succeed, whatever your goals may be.


This one month nutrition coaching package is designed to help your child through any specific health issues and includes:

  • One initial phone consultation where we get to know and discuss your child’s background, goals, and needs.
  • One in-depth session* to step through your child’s nutrition goals in specific focus areas, as well as individualized meal guidance.
  • One follow-up session** to review your child’s progress towards meeting their goals.


Extra 30-minute follow-up sessions designed to provide additional guidance and education for those needing extra support to reach their goals.

Sessions Include:

  • Meal and nutrient assessment
  • Labwork assessment
  • Review adjustments to the original plan


This nutrition coaching plan focuses on cultivating a positive environment specific to the needs of your family and includes:

  • One initial phone consultation where we get to know and discuss your family’s goals and needs.
  • One 90-minute session to create an action plan to help your family address areas such as:
    • -Picky eating concerns
    • -Meal planning
    • -Grocery shopping support
    • -Guidance on how to improve family meal times and other concerns for families with multiple children


This 60-minute session is designed for basic nutrition questions and education. Perfect for families looking for general guidance on health and wellness.

*Sessions available via phone or secure video conferencing. In-home appointments available for local residents only. Please inquire for more information.