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Packed with Nutrition, Not Stress

Super Simple Lunchboxes

with Jessica Gust, Pediatric Dietitian

This step-by-step guide will help you pack simple, nutritious lunches your kids will love in under 10 minutes. Never stress about lunches again!

What's Inside The Guide:


Why what you pack is important, but shouldn't be stressful

Your kids have specific nutrition needs for growth & development, what you pack can help support this. I'll help you do it in a super simple way.


How to build a balanced lunchbox

I walk you through the key components to include for both nutrition, learning and fun. 


Simple lunch-packing tips

Have a "picky" eater on your hand? Don't worry, I've got some helpful tips so you can pack their lunches with variety even if they only like a few things. 


Quick lunch box components guide

I've included a one-page printable summary of all the lunchbox ideas so you can keep them on your fridge for quick reference. Let's keep things simple!


One month of simple lunch ideas

With the quick guide, you can build your own endless lunch combos, but just in case you want some already put-together ideas, I've got you covered!


Recommended lunch packing gear & packaged foods

Want to know my favorite lunch packing items? I covered it all inside this guide. Including the packaged food items (and brands) I buy in my home and recommend to my clients. 


Super simple lunch box recipes & lunch box photos

I keep things super simple when I pack lunches, but occasionally I'll add something that uses a quick recipe. I've included a few favorites + 30 different super simple lunch box photos. 

Kids Lunch box Guide

Simple, Nutritious Lunch Boxes (That Your Kids Will Love)

When I had to start packing lunches for my daughter every day for school, I started out super motivated. I'm a pediatric dietitian, I had this in the bag. But then a few weeks in I realized just how easy it was to "forget" to pack her lunch and have to throw things together at the last min. What started out fun, ended up just being kind of stressful. 

One day, when I was chatting with my friend she told me how helpful all the lunch ideas were that I was sharing on social media and that she started writing them all down to make things easier. I had an AHA moment.

I immediately went back home and started to write down and categorize the foods I was buying and serving and I typed them all up to keep on the fridge. Lunch packing suddenly was 100x easier. As more and more people started asking me questions about my method, and what foods I was buying, I decided I wasn't the only one that once found packing lunches a little high stress. And so the idea for this guide was born. 

I hope it helps you as much as the process has helped me. Super simple, nutritious lunches are possible, let me show you my process!

This Guide is for You if...

  • You have to pack or make lunches for your (or someone elses) kids.

  • You no longer want to have to think or stress about what to pack.

  • You want a simple, clear plan for the lunches you pack.

  • You want your kids lunches to be nutrious, but you also want them to eat their lunch.

  • You don't want to spend a lot of time doing any of the above.

Hi, I'm Jessica

I'm a pediatric dietitian and mom of two who is constantly looking for ways to simplify and streamline my life!

Running a household and a business is no easy task (I'm sure you know a thing or two about the challenges that come with working and raising kids.) So when it comes to meals at home, I like to be efficient.

Packing lunches is something my clients are ALWAYS telling me adds stress to their life. And I get that because it used to add stress to mine too. You have to do it every day! So, I wanted to try and help make things easier.

When my son was born and I was living in a postpartum fog, this guide saved my life. Okay, that might sound a bit dramatic, but it was really helpful. My brain couldn't take coming up with any more lunch ideas. So I was happy to have them all in one place.

Whether you consider yourself a pro-stay-at-home parent or a parent just trying to get by, I think you will find this guide helpful. I'm cheering you on!

Jessica Gust, MS, RDN Pediatric Dietitian

What Other Parents Are Saying....


Mama of Emilianno (4) & Matteo (6)

This guide is AMAZING! I am busy with school, work, house work and I have an extremely picky eater at home that just adds to the stress of being a mom. I had been looking for ways to simplify his lunchbox without stressing him or myself out. This guide over-delivers. I absolutely love the monthly lunch plan, it's a time saver!

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