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Easy Pancake Recipe-Just 4 Simple Ingredients

My favorite way to make pancakes more nutritious is to make them from scratch and this super easy pancake recipe is exactly that!

I recently posted this recipe on Instagram and people LOVED it! They are the perfect pancakes for babies, kids and adults.

For those of you who know me, you are familiar with my daughter, who is 15 months old and loves her pancakes.

Since she started on solids, pancakes have been a top contender in the favorite meals category.

The thing about many mixes though, they are often full off added salt and other less than desirable ingredients, especially for babies and young kiddos.

So I started making her this super simple, easy pancake recipe (just 4 ingredients) which is perfect for kids. (Side note: I munch on these myself and love them!)

They are also super popular with my clients both toddlers and bigger kids!

The best part about these, they are packed with protein (they are mostly egg). They also contain fiber/whole grains which is a key way to prevent constipation in kids.

Healthy baby pancakes

If you have a baby and are following the baby led weaning method of feeding, this is an easy pancake recipe that you can cut into strips for baby to pick up with their palm!

As your baby gets older, you can start cutting them into smaller squares for practicing their pincer grasp.

If you are following the traditional weaning method (or spoon-feeding) these can be blended with breastmilk or formula. You can also use them once your baby has started eating finger foods (around the 8-month mark.)

The reason these are so great for babies (aside from the ingredients) is that you can use iron-fortified baby cereal (oats/grains) or cream of wheat in place of the oatmeal to provide a better iron source for them.

I hope your kiddos enjoy these as much as mine does!

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Easy Pancake Recipe-Just 4 Ingredients
Try this easy pancake recipe for your baby, toddler or big kids, they will love them!
Keyword Pancake
Prep Time 5 Minutes
Cook Time 5 Minutes
Keyword Pancake
Prep Time 5 Minutes
Cook Time 5 Minutes
  1. Mash banana in a bowl.
  2. Add eggs, oats, spice and whisk together until smooth.
  3. Scoop 1/4 c batter at a time onto hot pan or griddle. (You want these small)
  4. Flip when sides start to firm up.
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